X rocker chair – The virtual comfort

X rocker chair – The virtual comfort

All the gaming freaks out there will definitely understand the importance of virtual comfort. Playing for hours and hours stuck to the screen like a magnet is sure to affect the health of the gamers. Virtual comfort not only prevents the degradation of the health of the gamers but also adds to the gaming experience. The most important instrument that provides you with the gaming comfort is the “X Rocker Chair“.

X Dream Rocker

Now say goodbye to the crooked posture with x rocker chair

  • Have you got a crooked posture just because you are a gaming freak? Here is just the thing for you. A x rocker chair infinitely extends the experience of playing video games. It is a perfect package of fun and good health which comes in variety of shapes, sizes and comfort levels.
  • These chairs are sure to provide you with an unforgettable gaming experience. Therefore now, there is no way possible that your parents sulk on the fact that continuous gaming will affect a person’s body.
  • The price of these chairs is highly diverse ranging from very high to medium level stacks. Chairs for kids or early teenage children may cost less but the price shifts to higher levels as the features of these x rocker chair increases. These chairs are totally worth of the price charged of them.

Different designs of x rocker chair are available

  • Talking about the different designs of a x rocker chair, these chairs are generally designed to the ground level or may even be designed like a couch.
  • Typical x rocker chair are generally designed to the floor with the ability to rock. These chairs are truly a blessing in disguise for people who play as well as for the people who design games and even for those who have to sit in front of the screen for hours and hours.
  • There are various added features installed in these chairs by the manufacturers to add on to the comfort level. Nowadays, these chairs come with glass holders, cushions, head gears, leg rest, sounding effects and even vibrating modes to add on to the gaming experience.

People using these chairs are highly satisfied with the product and further recommend them by the word of mouth. They find it comfortable for resting their back while playing games at the same time having fun with the speaker facility inbuilt in the chair. All in this entire device provides a professional gaming experience with a home theatre effect.

Secondly, these chairs are proved to be very useful in corporate offices. People in offices need to work for long and continuous hours, what could be more comforting in this situation than the x rocker chair.

Besides keeping a person in relaxing situation these chairs have cup holders and speaker facilities to enlighten the mood of the employees while they work. Floored x rocker chair are not recommended for office purposes as they give an informal look. Heighted x rocker chair which are at a level of the employees working table are much more suitable and comforting.

These chairs are thus, not only for the gaming purpose but any activity that keeps the health of your spine at stake.

Details of Samsung Galaxy Gear

To be the first intelligent clock Samsung is not bad, in fact so far is the most interesting and intelligent leading world clock, as it achieves different interesting functions for the user to achieve better advantage of this great accessory. The Samsung Galaxy Gear is an element with a remarkable hardware, materials that Samsung has failed to put on their mobile devices, steel surrounding the 1.6-inch screen of this watch Super AMOLED technology that is attached to a plastic strap where we find a small 1.9MP camera, an elegant and innovative design that will gladly for thousands of people.


It has a 512 MB ​​RAM and 4GB storage capacity where photos, videos, applications, contacts etc. will remain You can access aloud and a microphone to record video with sound, as well as make calls, take calls.

Definitely the Galaxy Gear has access to the application store, it is noteworthy that Samsung has done a good job in this but it is improving so that the user can access some applications, the design of the screen, You can change the background to carry different watch designs and is very interesting that Samsung managed to place in this great accessory.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is only compatible with some cell of the same brand (Note 3 Galaxy S4) is connected via Bluetooth to achieve mutual synchronization.

Details and features SmartWatch 2

It is worth mentioning that the technology is being used as accessories to dress, and that we have already seen leakage of some bracelets, watches, rings and glasses are totally smart, this time the company Sony is selling its smart watch calledSmartWatch 2 that can be used with some devices regardless of whether they remain at Sony.


An interesting watch with a 1.6 inch screen that is fully touch, the materials found in this attachment are silicon, aluminum and glass, IP57 Sony uses technology that allows the accessory dip in the water up to 1.5 meters deep for 20 minutes It has a slot where you can connect the micro USB cable to recharge the battery if this is downloaded and the design is totally innovative as compared to the first company that manufactured SmartWatch Sony.

To make use of this intelligent clock must be synchronized with a mobile device, it through an application that must be installed to achieve the various functions and leverage “well” this watch.

The SmartWatch can receive some notifications, messages and calls, a major disadvantage with this element it is that it fails to support some applications , so it is not very practical for the user. Sony has failed definitely a good job for these accessories, but is worth mentioning that the design is very good but must seek a more significant development.

Details Xperia Z Ultra

If we talk about quite large terminals with a large screen and large prints, the Xperia Z Ultra is the world’s largest smartphone that is water resistant as well as dust, a very interesting smartphone as it is also the thinnest phablet of today’s world, it seems the company is designing Sony cell with a rather complex technology and this can be observed with this great team that leaves a good taste.


Ultra course it is, because we have a 6.4 inch screen , Full HD screen with technology that keeps Triluminos red, green and blue colors with a higher density. A rear 8MP camera and include the company Sony forgot to put or simply did not want to place an LED flash for this phablet, is a great disadvantage because the pictures are not as good quality, we also have a 2MP front camera.

The Xperia can be coupled to the hands but no other cell is handled with one hand, this time we manage this gadget with both a holding equipment and performs other functions relating to the touch, is made ​​of glass and is quite comfortable to have contact with the team, apart from giving a very original design with aluminum rims.

Something very interesting highlights of this team is that you can use any pen for use as a stylus which facilitate certain actions or we will be more comfortable.

When we speak of Z ultra we are talking about a very big team that will help facilitate tasks, jobs, some notes and make the most of this screen when I play video movies.

Features Xperia Z1

Sony of course is doing a great job to evolve their designs, their technology and functions of each Smartphone which is manufacturing, and of course the Xperia Z1 is one of the Smartphone that competes with other teams such as LG G2, Galaxy Samsung S4, the LG Google Nexus 5, HTC One among others, is undoubtedly a fairly complete phone and offers a wide variety of functions to keep the user comfortable and satisfied.xperia-z1-features-design-media

As we saw in the Xperia Z Ultra, the physical design is clearly about the same, but other than that we see an LED flash built under the rear camera, and talking about the rear camera, the Z1 has one of the best cameras exist in a Smartphone, has 20.7MP and a separate processor to achieve good management of this camera;Capture photos and videos with a high quality picture that we love.

This time the Xperia Z1 repositions the camera button for easy image capture to be submerged in water, and this because the touch screen does not handle well when it maintains contact with a liquid, undoubtedly Z1 is an interesting Smartphone, is an improved version of the Z Ultra but with more features, higher quality camera and a smaller size.

Sony certainly is evolving quickly, and has a very useful specialty is the dip a cell in the water and without it being damaged, leading other companies to place this technology.Z1 in short words is incredible.

Lens Sony QX10 for mobile devices

The Cybershot QX10 is a very interesting technology that developed the company Sony, and in turn this small instrument is being manufactured by different companies, there is a toy, it is an external lens that can be attached to a Smartphone to perform photographs of good quality, and is a small tool for capturing photos and videos.Sony-QX100-1

The appearance of this small and large lens is a cylindrical shape 6 cm high, has power buttons off, a small “lever” to zoom and of course the capture button, we find a small cap that covers the slot micro USB, which as we already know, used to recharge the lens and to transfer images to your computer.

The QX10 has a cover which is the base of the lens that can be seen when removing a battery of 630 mAh and next to a slot for placing a micro SD card to store photos and videos that have been captured, accepts micro SD cards 64GB .

To sync photos are captured by the lens, we need a network that will synchronize Smartphone with lens, and must install the appropriate application to perform synchronization, once synchronized both, you can make the photo capture directly capture button has integrated the QX10 or do it with the application you must have the installed cell.

A very functional tool that brings with it the lens of the Sony brand are flanges that can be extensible to attach to a cell and an appearance of a semi-professional camera.