Vacuum Sealer and Tips for Using

Vacuum Sealer and Tips for Using

In a vacuum environment, there is little chance of food being oxidized and therefore, food will be kept fresh 3 – 5 times longer than in frozen state or in the refrigerator.

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According to expert advice, whereas beef, kinds of poultry meat and cereal can be preserved in cold store within 6 months, but vacuum sealer reviews from experts said that food having processed by vacuum sealer may last from 2 to 3 years. Strawberry, for example, can only remain fresh for 1 – 3 days in the fridge but a vacuum sealer is able to maintain this kind of fruit in good condition for around a week. In addition, food in vacuum environment remains hot or cold longer, suitable for going picnic or being brought along with yourself for a few hours.

Vacuum sealer runs on electricity, which is easy to use. A best vacuum sealer can be used to preserve many kinds of food, including meat, cheese, cold cuts, dried food, etc., or even cosmetic and small electrical products (There are exceptions of soup or other liquids because this machine may vacuum all them out).

The package used for wrapping food can be reused later after being washed and dried up.

Vacuum sealers have been regarded as crucial machines for modern housewives who have very little time. Thanks to vacuum sealers, they can go to the market once a week but are able to provide their family with fresh food, unafraid of food getting stale and smell.

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In general, family vacuum sealers have similar functions, which is to vacuum the air to preserve food. Some models have added several more functions such as cutting the package, attaching the edges of the package or equipped with a tray to contain the vacuum packages. In term of use, every kind of vacuum sealer has basic uses, such as:

  • Eliminating oxidation process, preventing spots and stains from taking form, limiting discolouring, preventing insects and bacteria.
  • Maintaining freshness, natural flavour of meat, fish, and seafood.
  • Preserving natural colour of fruits and vegetables within much longer period than other preserving methods.
  • Especially, maintaining the moisture of cake, flour, and dried food and preventing the development of worm-holes and maggots.
  • Making sure that drugs, electrical accessories, camera, stamps, photos are preserved for a long time without being oxidized.
  • Helping preserve food quickly, conveniently and suitably for the family; saving keeping area.
  • Packaging and keeping dried food and other domestic appliances, including medical devices, cosmetic, clothes and other electrical tools.

Table of comparison between vacuum sealer preserving method and other normal methods

Kind of food

Normal preserving methods

Vacuum sealer preserving method

Fresh meat

3 days 9 days
Spiced meat 5 day 15 day
Fresh fish, seafood 2 day 5 day
Fruits, vegetables 5 day 15 ~ 21 day
Soup 7 day 20 day
Pork pie, sausage 2 day 10 day
Cheesecake 2 day 8 day
Bread 2 ngày 8 day
Rice, Pasta, coffee, tea 180 day 365 day
Biscuit 120 day 365 day

In addition to vacuuming function with vacuum package, vacuum sealers can be used as a tool to clean devices by the strength of the wind. For instance, a mini vacuum sealer can clean your computer keyboard with a strong wind coming from 3 tubes. Or it can help blow up the air bed in your family, blow up the balloons when you need to decorate your house, etc. You can take full advantage of your vacuum sealer to help you around.