If You Plan To Use Reusable Diapers

Reusable Diapers Benefits

He wears a waterproof bag with you. These bags will allow you to store dirty diapers without fear that their odors, or getting dirty everything. These bags can buy them and even make your mom. There are many online tutorials that will guide you to learn how to do them. They will also be very useful at times when you’re traveling.

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Buy an expensive paper diaper, thus get the smell is left exclusively in the trash.

Wash diapers every 3-4 days, this is the best way to keep diapers in the best state, in this way will achieve diapers have always available.

Do not add any liquid solution to your diapers. There are people that if they add liquid solutions, however, it is not too advisable. It is best to put dirty diapers in the trash until the wash diapers. If the diaper has too much liquid, they could go fungi.

There will be times you have to do an extra wash, each about three months or so. You’ll need to make an extra wash your diapers, this way we eliminate any possibility of bacteria in diapers., and never in the lifetime diapers you have any problems.

Use talcum powder, and no anti-chafing cream, creams will leave marks on diapers, and will make them less absorbent.

Use a detergent without oil-based, or use a particular detergent for diapers, if you are looking for cheaper solutions you choose to search your supermarket a detergent without oil.

Use handkerchiefs, if you use a tissue, let bonded fibers everywhere. Cloth handkerchiefs you will allow the diaper itself is in the correct position and have

Reasons To Use Cloth Diapers

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There are many reasons to use cloth diapers. Do you want to know what?

Cloth diapers are more attractive than non-reusable. Also, there is currently much more environmental awareness than a few years ago, and it is for this very reason that many people give an opportunity to disposable diapers. Apart it allows them access to many other designs.

Fewer allergies, comparing between allergies caused by plastic diapers and cloth diapers, cloth diapers produce many fewer allergies babies. Allergies produced by conventional nappies occur due to chemicals that have disposable diapers.

Cloth diapers protect baby’s genitals, use cloth diapers prevents overheating the testicles, which if it occurs quite often with the use of conventional diapers. It has also been shown that is attached to a decreased sperm production.

No odor, since this type of diaper is cleaned immediately, not as in the case of conventional nappies left lying anywhere.

Use reusable diapers is much cheaper in the US the average cost spent on reusable diapers are between 300 and 400 dollars, although the promised spending in non-reusable diapers is $ 7,500. The only added expense of reusable diapers is that you wash them, and that is an expense in water.

Facilitate training potty training. This is because the child itself is more aware of what is happening in his pants.

Reusable diapers are childproof since children are not the be removed as easily as the others.

Wash Cloth Diapers

As often receive the same query, here we leave our advice to wash cloth diapers. Importantly, cloth diapers are better washed in the washing machine than by hand. The only precautions to consider are:

Washing routine

  • Pre-rinse (cold water) for extensive remains of Pipis and poops that may remain and help eliminate odors leave.
  • Wash cycle (no more than 12 or 15 diapers a washing machine as current washing machines tend to save water and diapers absorb much water).
  • An extra rinse in addition to the wash cycle to ensure that all traces of detergent in diapers.
  • The temperature will depend on the results. Some people find that washes well in cold water and wash some prefer 30 or 40 degrees. Of course, it not is necessary hotter than this unless occasionally (every three or four months) want to give an additional “review” to diapers.
  • You always read labels diapers as if they were clothes and respect the washing instructions if our diapers last us a long time.
  • Everything he does the washing machine and does not have to make any extra effort to wash diapers every day the same gesture we go to wash our clothes, household linen or baby.


  • You must not have enzymes, bleaches or perfumes. The more basic better.
  • It should be detergent, no soap, so they do not serve “Grandma soap” or “Marseille soap”.
  • It should be used very sparingly (approximately ΒΌ of the recommended by the manufacturer for lightly soiled laundry amount).
  • Not because a detergent carries the label “organic” is used for cloth diapers, always check the list of ingredients that do not take enzymes, bleaches or perfumes.
  • Nuts may be used ecological washing and obviously, do not carry any of the above compounds.
  • Should not add fabric softeners.
  • There are also market specific detergents for cloth diapers, as Rockin Green

Extra clarifications

  • The poop of infant are water soluble and not to clarify previously.
  • When the baby begins with complementary feeding, you must remove the “fat” diaper before storing to wait to wash.
  • There are some disposable liners which facilitate the removal of solid depositions
  • Another “trick” is to use the shower to rinse the diaper and the solid debris falling into the toilet.