Advantages Of A Free-Standing Hammock

Among various types of hammock available in the market, free-standing hammock is the best-selling one. From original hammock style which was usually hung between 2 trees, free-standing hammock is such a great evolution with a lot of advantages mentioned below.

Having all advantages of normal hammock

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A free-standing hammock inherits all advantages of normal one such as bringing easier and deeper sleep, less pressure, best sleeping posture, cost and space- saving… and even offers better convenience, portability, flexibility.

Solving Lack of Natural Accommodations

Many people like to sleep or simply relax and read a book on hammock but it is such a challenge to find 2 trees or pillars with suitable distance to hang your hammock, especially in this digital and industrial era when green zones are limited and houses are getting smaller. In this case, a free-standing hammock is the best solution. Like what has been shown in its name, a free-standing hammock can stand freely on any flat surface without need of trees or pillars to support.


Nothing is more convenient than a free-standing hammock. It only takes you about 5 minutes to set up and a comfortable hammock is ready for you to relax on. Besides, it can be quickly moved between places. You are enjoying reading on a hammock placed under shadow of a tree in your garden but it suddenly rains, it’s no problem because it doesn’t take you much effort and time to bring your free-standing hammock indoors.


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Firstly, most of free-standing hammocks come with stand that could be disassembled and packed into a carrying bag. Secondly, main materials of hammocks are cotton, polyester and steel frames which are not too heavy to carry around. Therefore, whenever you want to move to new place go on a trip, you could easily bring your free-standing hammock together. Nowadays, using highly-advanced techniques, hammock manufacturers are introducing to the market many new types of free-standing hammocks which have optimal weight and higher portability that could be used even in backpacking and camping trips.


It’s not that hard to find a 1.5 x 2.5m space in a house or a garden to accommodate this type of hammock. It can be placed on any flat surface or changed to different location without any difficulty. For example, a free-stand hammock is located in outdoor garden but when raining season comes, you can easily move it into the house. Of course, it’s impossible to do the same with non-free-standing hammock if you don’t have any suitable pillar in your house.

Full package

The price of free-standing hammock is slightly higher than traditional type. It’s understandable due to addition of stands. However, when buying a free-standing hammock, you will get a full package including hammock bed, stand, carrying bag… and don’t need to buy other hanging accessories like some other types of traditional hammocks. Furthermore, considering its outstanding benefits compared to old types, free-standing hammocks are always a good deal for you.

Despite some trivial weaknesses such as higher price, lower maximum weight restriction, free-standing hammocks are the best choice for daily family use thanks to a plenty of outstanding benefits brought to customer.