What Does It Cost To Play Golf

How to start playing golf: costs and equipment needed

Golf is a sport suitable for all ages, but is particularly recommended for those over 40 due to the significant benefits it brings to the cardiovascular system. The game provides for long walks that often exceed four hours. Contrary to what you might think Golf is therefore an aerobic activity that requires a good physical preparation, can be good for the body and the mind.

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It remains a sport rather expensive: for access to the golf courses is essential to request a membership card by registering with an affiliated club to the Italian Golf Federation. The membership fee varies depending on the type of the selected circle: those with 18 or more holes are the most expensive, but it is still part of a base figure of 1,500 Euros. The cheapest are the promotional circles, whose market share does not exceed 500 euro per year. The holes are usually three available and you can train all year.

Regarding the necessary equipment, the price oscillates between 200 and € 3000 for a set of golf clubs for beginners. Professional balls and gloves are priced at € 3 and € 10-20. The price of shoes suited to play golf instead hovers between 80 and 120 Euros. To these we should also add the price of the lessons (15-30 euro for 30 minutes) and finally the inputs to practice, which cost around 10 Euros each.

The Golf Equipment

Golf, like any sport that respects, presents not only a pre-regulation be observed, but also equipment well defined that every player must have in order to properly engage in play.

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This sport has always been considered an activity elite, has a good variety of items needed for every golfer, what however is considered essential is certainly a set of golf clubs, well-placed in a practical pouch, convenient and capacious, which may be accompanied by the trolley, to make its light transport and not particularly demanding.

Just like the greatest champions of golf, each player can only occur in the field does not have a bag, and at least four or five sticks, that is a Ferro, a putter, a wood, a wedge and a Drive, in each case accompanied by a small set of balls.

Surpassed the rock of the indispensable tools, you can present some additional accessories that are able to give a touch more sophistication and professionalism to the sport. One of the objects in question is definitely a habit, which still has its usefulness on the pitch, the pitch fork that is a small tool that repairs the green from possible damage caused by the impact with the ball.

Then in addition to the incredible variety of balls and personalized set of golf clubs, it was presented on the market a real radar to never lose sight of their own ball. It is a hi-tech gadget, ideal for all golf enthusiasts who enjoy unprecedented and unusual accessories, equipped with a radar always paired with balls provided with a receiver, the RadarGolf will be able to see on your screen the exact position of the ball.

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