Humidifier For Baby

The humidifier for infant is a kind of device that regulates the hygrometry in the baby’s room. It is an important issue if the atmosphere is getting dry, with a radiatorfor example. The air can also be very dry due to the hot climate! It should be known that dry atmosphere will favour the increase of respiratory problem.

To help your baby spend eventful nights and get rid of his colds faster, purchasing a humidifier for baby should therefore be considered. Let’s find out some useful information to choose a good one.

best humidifier for baby

Nursery Humidifier Mechanism

The room can be humidified by different equipments that can emit:

  • Hot steamhumidifier for baby: this device must not be in a child’s room to avoid the risk to the baby because ofthe burning and rising temperature rise in the room. A too high temperature favours the sudden death of the infant.
  • Cold steam humidifier for baby: to support in moistening the room, this device allows you to decrease the temperature when the summer comes. 50 € is the average price of this device.
  • Ultrasound humidifier for baby: silent, designed for rooms with small area (think of looking at the surface covered), this device is often appreciated by parents. To soundly function, it need to go with a filter, to change regularly. The price of this device is approximately 100 €.
  • Evaporation humidifier for baby: this unit operates flexibly during the night regarding to the humidity level of his or her room. This convenience help you not to be worried about adjustments. This device may cost about 100 €.
  • Note: if you want a humidifier for your baby occasionally, for a ski holiday for example, you don’t need to pay much money on that. In this case, you can put a basin of water on the cast iron radiator of the baby’s room. If it is an heater instead,put a wet towel near the crib, you should use a chair to place it on. Remember to wet it regularly.

Nursery Humidifier Options

best humidifier for baby

Air humidifiers for baby can consist of options:

  • The diffusion of essential oils: the essential oils allow to bring a pleasant odour to the baby’s room and to relieve respiratory affections. However, as essential oils sometimes are harmful to babies, it is recommended to use this option when the child has grown up.
  • Variable flow: if you do not have an evaporative device, use a humidifier whose flow rate can be adjusted.
  • The hygrometer: this is a device indicating the humidity level in the room. For baby, it must be from 55 to 60%.
  • Note: Purchasing a hygrometer ahead so that you can determine whether or not you need an air humidifier forbaby.

And the dehumidifier for baby room?

A room that is too wet is not a good place for baby. Because moisture can give conditions to the development of mould which is harmful to people.

If your home is particularly damp, bet on a good air humidifier. This device of course cost highly: about 250 €.

At muchcheaper price, the moisture absorber can represent a solution (costs 20 €). Nevertheless, itsperformance is much less effective.

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