Baby Mattress: A New Mattress For A New Life

Babies and newborns sleep about 13 to 16 hours a day. A baby mattress should therefore be chosen carefully by parents, since it is an essential item in the first years of the child. Experts recommend buying baby mattresses as a new product, since there are mould spores in used mattresses. These toxic fungal spores can harm the newborn’s health.

For mattresses for babies you can usually choose between the Size 70×140 cm and the Size 60×120 cm. These mattress sizes offer plenty of room for sleepy babies as well as small children in the first years.

Point elastic baby mattress

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Baby mattresses in the market regularly have a height between seven and 13 centimeters. Experts recommend, however, to select a mattress height of at least ten centimeters. This mattress height is necessary to provide the baby with adequate support. The baby body, in particular muscles and spine, should not be restricted by the mattress in its development.

It is therefore advisable to use a baby mattress with high pelvic elasticity. This adapts perfectly to the growing body and provides individual support. The baby is pleasantly soft, but does not sink involuntarily. The child’s spine occupies an anatomically healthy lying position and is optimally protected. In this way, postural impairments are already made at a young age. The Sealy soybean foam-core crib mattress is the one of best mattress for your reference.

The right degree of hardness: a baby’s mattress should not be too firm

Your baby should feel comfortable on his mattress. The right degree of hardness is essential for well-being. Mattresses for babies must not be too soft or too firm. In the case of a too soft support, the baby’s body sinks without resistance, so that the spine is unnaturally flexed. In addition, there is a risk that the child will sink into the face with soft mattresses and that an optimal air exchange is no longer guaranteed. Too hard to lie on mattresses is also harmful to the baby. For it often leads to the so-called infant scoliosis, a C-shaped curvature of the baby’s spine.

As a rule, an average degree of hardness (H2) is used as a sleeping mat for the baby bed. Ideal is the degree of hardness of the mattress when the toddler does not sink more than three centimeters into the mattress.

Prominent moisture management is important for baby mattress

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For mattresses for babies and toddlers, good moisture management is indispensable. For sweat or urine, a bed for babies is inevitably exposed to fluids. Like adults, babies sweat during the night while sleeping. To ensure a dry and fresh sleeping environment, the mattress should have good ventilation. This is achieved with a breathing-active mattress core, for example from open-pore cold foam or horsehair. Also special mattress protector, which preserves mattresses against penetrating moisture, is indispensable and is very practical for parents.

A mattress cover made of cotton is ideal for a good moisture management. Cotton fibers can absorb moisture in high quantities without feeling clammy. A pleasantly dry mattress is ensured in this way. In order to ensure a high hygienic standard, the cover should also be washable at 60 degrees. It is recommended to use mattress covers, which are suitable for 95-degree laundry. Please ensure that your child is compatible with your child’s choice. Many manufacturers offer covers for mattresses with or without animal hair quilting, in order to take allergies into account.

Supporting baby mattresses for baby carriages

From about the sixth month of life, the baby carriage is an important companion for families with babies. In order to be able to provide your children with an adequate under-spring suspension in the baby carriage, parents need a special mattress for the baby carriage. Baby car mattresses are available, among others, from cold foam, natural latex and coconut. These materials provide a firm but adaptable underlay with excellent ventilation. This ensures a dry, hygienic sleeping climate with optimal body support even on the road.

Contaminated baby mattress: advice before your purchase

Irrespective of whether you prefer mattresses made of foam, cold foam or latex: It is important that the baby mattress as well as its reference are free from harmful substances.

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